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Concussions – Traumatic Brain Injury Simplified


Oh my goodness. This is a silent video showing what happens when someone hits you from behind. (or what happens to the brain). I was hit from behind, and from the back passenger and front passenger side. It was referred to as “the shaken baby syndrome”. What is more interesting, is the PT Therapist I’m working with who is an expert in TBI, has told me these things of the twisting, and it actually causes the spinal cord to twist just a tad, but enough to cause so many problems. She has done miracles for me in the past few weeks. Someday, I’m going to be a normal person again (watch out! ha) It is better to see it coming as when you brace yourself, it helps. (contrary to what we used to know). The muscles you will see in the front and the back were torn – which takes forever to heal. Leaning to swallow, etc… felt like being a baby again. Since the brain was bruised in so many areas, every ability was affected. It’s like living in a different country and knowing the basic language of a young child. You learn to wear a mask, and try to act like you are intelligent. It’s exhausting! ha

I understand – with this video – what brain shearing is…. at the 1.07 minute the description begins.  Thus…what ever happens… more seizures, more TIA’s, more anything, is NOT GOOD.  This doesn’t heal.


Brain Injury is a tragedy.  To the patient, to their families.  Woe to the families that do not understand, research to learn, go to doctor appoints….  For your family will fall apart.  Read how to keep things together before they get to far gone.  This is an encouragement, not a gloom and doom.  There are happy endings, but you must search for them, and be willing for the happy ending that is given to you.

http://www.traumaticbraininjury.com/- great website.