1. Traumatic Brain Damage (

2. Dystonia (PAINFUL)

3. Torn/Sprained muscles in neck up in the scalp and down to around C7.
Then front part of neck, down. Had to learn to swallow, etc…

4. Chronic Pain

5. Fibromyalgia (PAINFUL)


7. Sleep Issues, Restless Legs, Flailing, Walking in sleep, hitting husband, :), tremors,….. CPAP and meds have helped greatly.

8. Seizures/Tia’s/at least one (more most likely) stroke.

9. CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)

10. Virus came back alive – stress related. (like shingles)

HHV6, Epstein Barr, Chronic Fatigue (CFS)  This is what can cause death that my husband asked about early on.  When there was the attitude of possibly, he panicked.  He was in a daze – and dealing with work, teens, and me – all he could think about is “I can lose Cathy”.  I didn’t realize how distraught he was, but then, I didn’t know how serious things were.  I was recently told.

Take shots from husband, as ATP/Glutathione are the only things that will cure some of these virus’ and other issues not listed.

11. Peripheral Neuropathy (arms/legs) (PAINFUL)

12. Pain Pump and Neuro Stim


Most are not aware of the seriousness of my condition. It is hard for me to understand – to realize what can happen at any time. I distract myself alot.

My husband is my caregiver. We have switched roles, I haven’t a clue how to cook, so he works all day and comes home and plays “wife, mom”, etc….

As of 2015, this has been the hardest journey of my life. Losing my parents, and other losses, have taken much from my energy level. Discouragement fills me as I ache to know that because of bad information, or no information, I have lost more than just my parents and basically life. Sadly, I have lost a family as illness prevents one from participating, and with TBI, (traumatic brain injury) there is much that can be done/said by the patient and is misunderstood. Standing alone, we have each other and sometimes he is so exhausted, we are standing alone together – apart.

I’ve used up my sick leave, “I just want attention, If I would do this or that”…. and unfortunately, what isn’t known is I have done everything to get health back. If one isn’t educated what is “normal” in life with those who walk in ours and every person’s shoes – how can help be received?

Giving up is common. But, I’ve not given up on God. NEVER. He has given us peace, even through tears. He understands while others may misunderstand.

Our life is nothing like the life we had…. Grief is a normal process while one is always working through what they realize is gone.

We can laugh at each other and I can be the “entertainment”. Laughter is good, and when we realize life on the other side will be worth any life we experience now – OH WHAT JOY to think!

There are many pain, or “chronic” blogs. It is our way of connecting to each other. We have private sites where talking can be done with those who truly understand. It is called “venting” not “complaining”. We may do things that appear rude, but we are still us way deep inside. We are not aware, and when “reprimanded”, it is very confusing. When there are no words to explain, everyone is confused. It’s easier to turn away, I am just the troublemaker.

I want to encourage, to validate, to listen, to accept. This is a gift of learning how to react and have a good attitude. A gift preparing me for traits necessary to please my God.