Do you ever wish you could ask the doctor questions, but are afraid they would REALLY think you’re crazy?

Are you REALLY sure your questions are being answered correctly?  Are they up to date?  Is there an easier way?

“I wish there was a cure”.  How many times have we said this, yet the secrecy is hard to push through!  What if there was a “cure”?  Do you know that there are cures but because of what we have been told (not the truth), we believe what we know nothing about, yet we can be unwilling to search and see if what we think is FALSE? 

Change is something that is hard to do.  Even if it’s for the best. (or worst).   Think about it… Our lives changed and it took a lot of tears, talking, thinking, validating, and on and on to even begin to think of changing to a new normal!  Unfortunately, change doesn’t come easy – even for doctors.  Just recently, after much money was spent in court, and people not getting the help they could have gotten from a Cancer doctor because he was not allowed to treat cancer.  In fact, he was looking at jail time, losing his license, you name it.  If you aren’t aware of this famous doctor, have a look on YouTube under Dr. Burznski.   He went through so much….license taken away, but he fought.  Everyone did everything to shut him up and shut him down.  WHY?  Because he had a very high cure rate and Pharma did not like it.  Not the other agencies, either. 

This is about CANCER.  But what about other invisible disabilities?  What if there was a cure, not 100%, but a high percentage?  What would you do?  Would you believe me?  Or would you believe your doctor because they are so nice, and say all the right things?  Do you know the grade they graduated with? Do you know what they call a person who graduation from Med School with a D?  A Physician! 

 How do they keep up with things?  Can they reasonably answer there might be a cure, but I’ve just not seen it yet?  Doubtful.  But maybe.  What I have found is we are so wrapped up in what the government says, we are completely blind to thinking outside the box, and needless deaths occur yearly.  Even tho it is estimated that the numbers are much higher, THE USA IS THIRD IN DEATHS FROM ERRORS, DOCTORS MISTAKES, ETC…  (and I’m one – but lived through it).  What is intriguing is I will do just about everything to “get well” ~ (as most of us would)  I understand MY health effects my family and eventually, their health.  Yes, that means many doctors, many tests, but through it all, I found the ONE doctor who is willing for “change”.  “We always do it that way” is not in her vocabulary.  Most of my friends and family do not know (even tho I may mention), I should NOT be alive. Finally, I asked my dear PCP what she thought of me upon seeing me the first time.  She said….between a 1 (dead) and a 10 (healthy), I would have given you a 2.  I think that is on the bad side, don’t you? 

Whatever my family suggested, I did.  My oldest sister looked up things and I would try it…. I was desperate though I did not want to live.  Since this journey brought me to a doctor who heals more percentage wise than other’s, and she has a good reputation, I went.  I now honestly know, if not for her, I would not have reached my 60th birthday.  Nor my 50th.  CHANGE…  You must be willing to doctor shop to choose someone who is willing to do things differently.  Do they know the medications that are typically prescribed for very popular diseases have been proven not to work?  Normally, you will still get them and then suffer from side effects.  But it’s comfortable.  Being comfortable with someone is actually being comfortable with someone who can heal you or kill you.  Harsh, but true.  Been there.  I ache when I see my friends or family suffer when I know it doesn’t have to be that way. 

I’ve learned through the years that the thing that helps is most ignored.  I don’t understand.  Deaths and suffering is worse, yet to get someone to change – to see hope ahead, who can make sure your diagnosis is correct, is comfortable being with a doctor who has no idea what the real cures are. 

First, if you are frustrated, remember, you can lead a horse to water.  And that’s it.  But some horses won’t even get to the water.  Let it go.  You have tried.  Don’t take it personally.  Just love the family and be there for them.  Don’t punish them….they are under a spell that many are breaking out of and are being helped and at times, cured. 

Let it go. Let it go.  Take care of you….. let the guilt go when you can’t help.  You’ve explained, you have educated.  You’ve done your duty, so let it go.


The story of a pioneering biochemist who discovered a unique and proprietary method of successfully treating most cancers. This documentary takes the audience on a near 50-year journey both Dr. Burzynski and his patients have been enduring in order to obtain FDA-approved clinical trials of Antineoplastons. Defying the face of skepticism, legal attacks from state and federal agencies.

Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business | Full Documentary | CANCER CURE



Have you learned something from your studies that your doctor didn’t know?  If you mentioned to them, what was their reaction?  If they DID know, what was their reaction?  Examples help!


Comment? or What has been your experience?

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