Do we blame our illness on being “imperfect”?

How easy it is…..  Easy to assume if we were healthy, we would be a great mother, a great wife, a great friend, a great person etc…..  DON’T buy that package of false goods!  Hate to say… But we aren’t perfect anyhow!    Sure, it’s frustrating when we see a way to help our family and friends and we’re stuck.  But this isn’t imperfection!  It’s reality.  Do we think everyone else has it all together BECAUSE they are healthy?  Have you actually asked them if they ARE perfect?

I double-dare you to ask!  You will find yourself faced with a bunch of laughing moms, wives, etc…  They APPEAR to have their act together, and they do… As much as any human can along with the grace and strength of God!  Huh?  That’s what WE say!  And that’s my point!

We get a bit miffed when someone accuses us of looking good.  Expecting more out of us than we are capable.

We feel guilty because we are/or have raised children feeling like we had a hand tied behind our back!  We take the blame for each mishap that happens…” If I was only healthy!”  Of course, we all admit we weren’t at the top of our game, but would it be helpful to know others, no matter what their situation, FEELS THE SAME?

Yes, it’s sort of comparing apples to oranges, but not in our thought process.  

Here is a genuine blog of a young mother raising a big family – struggling to DO IT RIGHT.  She will do her best, with the grace of God, and that’s all ANY of us can hope to do.  She’s not perfect because humans aren’t.  But being a great mom isn’t about perfection, it’s about love.  Your mom most likely cried when things went south for you when growing up…. (In private)  And now you will too!  You’re their knight in shining armour, who cares what you look like, you love them enough to die for them!  We can understand some of what our Heavenly Father must have felt….. Watching his own son die a cruel death.  It’s much worse than hurting when a boy calls before school to breakup with your daughter!  Just WHY was it so important to call at 7 am and ruin two peoples day?  That’s been a gizillion years ago, but I can give you details and WHO the boy was!  TBI does not stand a chance when messing with our kids!

There will always be the “bully” moms!  Ignore them.  It’s a club no matter social status or health or looks!  

See for yourself and if you like the blog, tell her Mrs. Turner sent you!!



Comment? or What has been your experience?

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