The Painful Truth

The Painful Truth Video

Yes, the truth, no matter what it is, no matter what situation, is always painful to some degree.  Sometimes more, sometimes less.  Some truths, no one is interested in, except those experiencing it.  Some don’t want to know, as they consider expressing horrific medical care is on the same level as complaining.  Yet, if many knew what their friends and relatives suffer from the hands of those who could help, there would be outrage!   There would be a huge group boycotting, educating, picketing, etc. instead of ignoring, turning heads, letting relationships slip through fingers, allowing people to want to die and consider THAT “seeking attention”.  Yet the normal pain that comes for a period of time in a labouring mothers life, is met with support, empathy, and pain relief.  (Generally speaking).  As some say, “what is wrong with our country”?  Have we no compassion anymore?  Sad, but it’s the PAINFUL TRUTH ! 

Watching the The Painful Truth will break your heart, if you have a soft enough heart.  There is nothing left out and can only touch the iceberg of a life in pain.  



Comment? or What has been your experience?

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