But You Look Good.

BUT YOU LOOK GOOD, Invisible Disabilities

Invisible Disabilities website  http://invisibledisabilities.org/educate/butyoulookgood/

BUT YOU LOOK GOOD can send someone – who detects sarcasm or unbelief in a voice – up a wall with frustration!  It is heard “You look good, so you sure couldn’t be as sick as you are saying”.  Many times, our friends and family are grasping at straws, like we do at times.  But, there are always those WHO WANT PROOF!  Maybe we should carry a short form of our charts that would fill a vault at the bank?  Would that make us look legit? 

Before jumping the gun, make sure you aren’t being complimented.  “You are doing great at covering up!” 


If you are positive that education needs to be given, there’s no place like doing it through someone who has been there – done that, and has a well known website that offers education from patients to relationships! 

A pamphlet is available at a low cost, so consider sending them to your “offenders”!  It is a great read, and one I have read so often to have validation over and over – it’s a tattered and ragged booklet!  But it has served it’s purpose, and that’s what counts.

I beg you to click on the highlighted “Invisible Disability Website  above, and read the blogs. Remember – sometimes we have to fake it to fool ourselves into feeling decent~!  Whatever it takes, RIGHT? 🙂